Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Whether you’re in the hospitality, education, care or construction industry, to name but a few, when it comes to Planned and Preventative Maintenance (PPM) methods vital in helping Facilities Managers avoid disruptions in service, one of the key areas to consider is drainage…

Drainage maintenance and repair sounds pretty simple. Most people might presume it’s simply a case of sticking some rods down a drain to free up the blockage, and maybe having to replace the odd pipe from time to time. But if a business’ drainage isn’t maintained regularly by trained specialists, it has the potential to cause major disruptions at some point in the future, and this will typically happen when you least want it to!

This is why EPPH Drainage are one of the most respected maintenance and repair companies who always recommend PPM schedules for their clients, to enable them to guard against any unexpected incidents.

Another area of drainage maintenance is ensuring the safe removal of sewage meaning hygienic bathroom facilities. For example, Uric scale can build up quickly in waste pipes in locations with heavy footfall – causing less than desirable smells. Effective PPM contracts are key to ensuring this does not occur, as problems in this area could result in short term closures and ultimately a loss of business, not to mention damage to a company’s reputation!

EPPH have a wealth of knowledge and experience when offering PPMs across all services disciplines and are able to offer a free survey to target elements that would require our assistance. 

If you’d like to find out more about how EPPH Drainage, and EPPH might be able to help you - please call us today on 01473 559072