Planned Preventative Maintenance Contracts

We at EPPH Drainage also specialise in Planned Preventative Maintenance, or PPM, services. Our PPM services are designed to help you avoid water disasters with your building. We offer them year round to building owners across a broad range of industries, such as care, hospitality, education and construction.

In fact, maintaining your building's drainage system involves much more than simply placing some sort of rod down the gutters and drains to remove clogs. It also goes further than replacing parts of the system that are damaged or no longer work correctly.

At EPPH Drainage, we make it a priority to closely inspect every inch of your building's drainage system. Our PPM services ensure that it is clean and free from debris that can cause serious water backup and pooling.

If we encounter areas of the system that need to be repaired or replaced, we also have the tools and parts on hand to carry out these critical services. We can install new fixtures and make sure that the entire system works properly. Our thorough services are designed to prevent major disruptions to your building's proper function and spare you from having to pay for expensive and time consuming repairs.

As a building owner, you must always be prepared to act in its best interests. You never know if or when you will encounter circumstances that could lead to serious water damages.

To minimize the likelihood of your building becoming flooded or seriously harmed from backup water, it is imperative that you clean out its gutters and down drains. Instead of taking on this strenuous and time consuming work yourself, you can hand it off to our team of highly trained and experienced plumbing contractors.

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