Home Buyers Report

Purchasing a home is more than finding a place to live; it is also a substantial investment. It is essential that when you are making this purchase, you are aware of all potential issues that may arise with the property. One of these issues is the drainage system.

Our Pre-Purchase Drain Survey will help you discover if there are any problems with the drainage system on the property you are considering. Using CCTV, we will scan the entire drainage system and look for:

  • Collapsed pipes
  • Blockages
  • Fractured joints or pipes
  • Root intrusions into the system
  • Leaks that could lead to subsidence

Our Home Buyers Pre-Purchase Drain Survey will provide you with the following:

  • Complete written report about the drainage system including a CAD mapping of the system and drain cover depth and locations
  • DVD of the CCTV survey so that you can see any potential issues first-hand
  • Emailed report for easy transmission to your mortgage provider or to a structural surveyor
  • Recommendations for any necessary repairs

We understand that when it comes to purchasing a home, time is of the essence. We guarantee that our engineers will provide you a complete drainage survey in a timely manner so that you can move through the home buying process with ease.

Why Should You Have A Drainage Survey Before Purchasing A Home?

Our engineers encourage any potential home buyer to have a drainage survey conducted so that they can discover if there are any of the following problems:

  • Subsidence (Collapsing of the ground due to water leaks or pipe damage)
  • Damaged drains or pipes
  • Establish ownership of drains (pubic, private) to determine who is responsible for maintenance and repair
  • Determine if there is rodent infestations or damage to pipes or sewers

Once you have purchased the home, finding problems with your drain or sewer system can be very costly and can prevent you from enjoying the comforts of your home. Once the home has been purchased, you will have assumed all the responsibilities for the repairs, and the previous owner will no longer be obligated to pay for the damaged pipes or sewer.

Having a sewer survey completed may also be a very powerful negotiating tool during the home purchasing process. If you can show that repairs are necessary, or that they soon may be required, you may be able to negotiate for a lower price on the home to cover these expenses or have the sewers repaired prior to the purchase.

Service Times and Pricing

Our standard drain survey takes about two hours to complete. The actual time will be based on the size of the drainage system and if the system needs to be flushed or cleaned prior to conducting a CCTV survey. One of our representatives will be able to give you an actual time frame for your survey based on the actual size and configurations of the home in question.

Pricing is based on these same figures and for the extent of work that needs to be performed. We encourage you to speak with one of our professional staff for accurate pricing for our Home Drain Survey service.